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Welcome to the young carer's page. Here we will be posting all the things we will be doing for these incredible children.


In November we achieved our Silver Award too. We are so proud of this accomplishment. 




Back in March 2020 we achieved the Bronze Award from the Young Carers In Schools Programme. We were awarded the Bronze in an assembly by David Mirzai of the Young Carers in School team.




David Mirzai presenting the award to the Young Carer Leaders

Mrs Alison Fletcher, Mrs Debbie Watts and

our Chair of Governors, Mr Adrian Mann, who is our Governor Lead


We are now going through the process of gaining the Silver Award. This will take some time and some work, so we will keep you updated. 

Harwich Community Primary School & Nursery is committed to develop provision for young carers and their families.


We will capture the commitment by widening our provision, building on the needs of the young people and better meet young carers' needs by reviewing Harwich Community Primary School & Nursery provision for young carers with a view to ultimately achieving best practice.


How will we achieve this:

  • The whole school is committed to meeting the needs of young carers so that they can attend and enjoy school in the same way as other pupils and achieve their potential.
  • Appointing two young Carers' School Lead with responsibility for the young carers and their families. Pupils and families will be made aware of the identity of these two leads and how to contact them to access support.
  • The school only shares information with professionals and agencies on a need to know basis in order to support pupils and their families.
  • Harwich Community Primary School & Nursery will actively seek feedback and ideas from young carers and their families to shape and improve support.
  • The school has an effective referral system and strong partnership in place with relevant external agencies, including referral to Young Carers agencies providing key workers who will work with young carers and families.


We will strive to achieve best practice for students and families in our school in order to provide them with the best chance of success in their future.



Young Carer Leads

Young Carer School Links

In the corridor of the school is a notice board of all things young carers. It allows all children to see who they need to speak to if they have any worries. It also tells them what clubs, etc are on during the school days. Young carers can also find out any further support they may need from outside agencies. Everything is well signposted for all the children in the school not just the young carers that we know about.


In the staffroom there is another board which we keep up to date with information for all staff to see. This reminds them who the Leads are for the young carers and also information regarding young carers as a whole. In this way, staff can support children in the class, if they believe a child is a young carer that we are not already aware of.


We are also liaising with all the other schools, primary and high school, in the area as they also have nearly all gained their Bronze Award. This will then enable all the young carers to mix during events that we as a community will be collectively doing. By doing this the children will all get to know each other and this then helps them to make more friends when they go to the high school.

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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