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About our school lottery

Welcome to Harwich Community Primary School and Nursery lottery. This lottery has been set up specifically to raise money and make a difference for our children!

It's a fantastic way to bring Parents, Carers, Teachers and the wider community together, in partnership with our school, and at the same time give something back. We hope to raise funds that can support and enrich the education of our children - we aim to provide extra resources for the children, improve the school environment as well as run extra curricular activities such as music, art and sport.

Your support is greatly appreciated and we wish you good luck!

- Mrs Rachel Anderson - Headteacher


Here you will find out how to join, and each week we will announce our winner. 


Play the lottery, support our school - it’s that simple!

Tickets for the lottery cost just £1 per week, with a top prize of £25,000!

Each ticket will consist of 6 numbers and each number will be between 0 and 9. There will be a draw every Saturday night when a 6 digit winning combination will be picked. Match all 6 and you win the JACKPOT!

There is also a guaranteed winner for each school every Saturday which is drawn on a raffle basis, so there are two chances to win a prize.

The lottery and its prizes are our way of putting the fun in fundraising. The real winners are the schools. From every £1 ticket sold 40p will go to schools in the UK! To put this in perspective when you play the National Lottery 25% goes to good causes – we’ve nearly DOUBLED the ticket percentage that goes to schools.

Even better, you can choose which school benefits from 40p of the ticket sales. You know (and you can see) that your money is going back into your community and your school will benefit from your contribution. 


Support Harwich Community Primary School and Nursery when you play Your School Lottery - Your School Lottery

Winner, Winner!

Saturday 13th April- Ms J won £9.00

Saturday 6th April - Mr E won- £9.00

Saturday 30th March- Mrs A won £8.40

Saturday 23rd March  Miss P won £7.50

Saturday 16th March - 

Saturday 9th March - Ms L won £7.50

Saturday 2nd March- Mr M won £7.50

Saturday 24th Feb- x W won £7.50

Saturday 17th February Miss P won £7.50

Saturday 10th February Ms T won £7.50

Saturday 3rd February - Mrs G won £7.80

Saturday 28th January - Ms J won £7.80

Saturday 20th January - Mr M won £9.00

Saturday 13th January- Mr M won £9.00

Saturday 6th January - Mrs G- £9.30

Christmas Eve winner- Miss K- £10.20

Saturday 16th December - Mrs G won £10.20

Saturday 9th December - Mr A won £10.20

Saturday 2nd December- Mr M won £9.30

Saturday 25th November- Mx W won £9.30

Saturday 18th November- Mrs C won £6.00

Saturday 11th November - Mr M won £9.60

Saturday 4th November - Mrs G won £9.60

Saturday 28th October - Mrs G won £9.60

Saturday 21st October - Ms J won £9.90

Saturday 14th October - Ms T won £9.90

Saturday 7th October-  Ms E won £9.90

Saturday 30th September - Mrs T won £10.80

Saturday 23rd September - Mrs L won £10.80

Saturday 16th September- Mrs T won £10.80!

Summer Holiday Winners:- Mrs A (donated), Mr M, Miss J (twice), MX J (twice)- Congratulations to you all.

Saturday 22nd July- Mx W won £9.60

Saturday 15th July - Mr M won £9.60- thanks for donating

Saturday 8th July - Mr EP won £9.60- thanks for donating

Saturday 1st July - Mrs C won £11.10

Saturday 24th June - Ms L won £11.10

Saturday 17th June - Mrs C won £12.00

Saturday 10th June- Mrs C won £12.00

Saturday 3rd June - Miss T won £12.00

Saturday 27th May- Mx J won £12.00

Saturday 20th May - Ms T won £12.00

Saturday 13th May - Mx J won £12.00

Saturday 6th May - Ms T won £12.00

Saturday 29th April - Mrs G won £12.00

Saturday 22nd April - Mrs W won £12.60

Saturday 15th April- Miss P won £12.60 and donated it back to school. Thanks so much!

Saturday 8th April - Miss K won £12.60

Saturday 1st April - Mrs G won £12.60

Saturday 25th March - Ms L won £11.70

Saturday 18th March - Mrs G won £11.40

Saturday 11th March - Mrs T won £11.10

Our first winner of March

Saturday 4th March - Mx W won £11.10

Saturday 25th February - Mrs G won £10.50

 Half Term winner- Mr M won £10.50

Saturday 11th February - Mr P won £10.50

Saturday 4th February- Ms J won £11.10

Saturday 28th January - Mrs L won £11.10

Saturday 21st January - Mr W won £12.00

Saturday 14th January- Miss P won £12.00 and donated back to school - thanks

Our first winner of 2023 - Miss H won £12.00

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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