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Hello and welcome to Class SP! Thanks for visiting our web page!

I'm the class teacher Miss Pells. Our main class LSA is Mrs Flatt and we also have Mrs Ellmer and Miss Cooper on some days too!

Then we have our one to one LSAs who work with some of the children in the class - Mrs Grey, Mrs Beck and Mrs Moll!

So many lovely ladies all in one room!

Summer Term 2022

Miss Pells' Favourite Term! 


This term our topic is..."Take a Walk on the Wild Side". We will be looking at the continent of Africa and going on safari through Kenya. 


Can you guess what these different African objects are used for?

Spring Term 2022


This term our topic is 'Happy Ever After...'.

In History, we will be looking at castles and when they were first built. We will look at the features of castles and why the different features were built. 


In Geography, we will be learning about different castles across the United kingdom. We will look at the reasons why they were built where they are built and the different man-made and natural features that surround them. 




In Art, we really enjoyed using weaving techniques to create shields.






In Science, our topic is plants. We will be labelling the parts of a plant and learn about their different jobs. We will be thinking about the different conditions needed for plants to grow and will become Scientists to check this. As the term goes on, we will be creating our very own garden by planting seeds and helping them to grow. 


Autumn Term

This term our topic is 'London's Burning!' It's one of my most favourite topics to teach and I can't wait to share it with the children! We will be learning all about how the 'Great Fire of London' started and what happened around the time of the fire. We will produce History work, as well as Art and Literacy work related to our topic. It's all very exciting!

A Selection Of Our Work!


Reading is super important to us in Year 2 and this term we will be doing lots of work to make us better readers!

Our reading in Literacy will be linked to our topic 'London's Burning' and lots of our work will centre around the story of 'Vlad and the Great Fire of London'. Vlad is a flea and the story is all about him and his friend Boxton the rat who love eating and biting their way around London. But one night in Pudding Lane, they are caught up in a fire that threatens to destroy them, along with the city of London!


As well as reading in school, we love the children in our class to read at home too! In Class SP, if you read at home three times in one week, you get a prize out of our Supa Dupa Dippy Bag!! How exciting!

Year 2 Proud Wall!

When Miss Pells is super impressed with a piece of work, it gets added to our 'Year 2 Proud Wall'. Here is some of our work for the Autumn First Half. heart



Autumn Term - 2nd Half



Throughout the second half of the Autumn Term, we will be focussing more on London as it is today and the Geography behind London. We will look at their famous landmarks and also at developing our map reading skills. smiley

London Skyline Artwork!

Important Days!

PE - Monday & Thursday

Spellings & Wordwalls - Monday

Dippy Bag Day - Friday

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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