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Meet Mr Oreo- HCPSN's newest addition.

So finally on Friday 28th April, our little prince- Mr Oreo was welcomed with open arms at Harwich Community Primary School. He is already adored and the children cannot wait to learn about his breed and how to look after him. This will be great for all of our children and staff to work together to do our best for Mr Oreo. It will help us with our 3 school rules too as we will have to practise and practise being kind, safe and responsible pet owners. 

Well done to Elsie for winning our name our new school pet and thanks to all of you who entered this competition. My huge thanks to all the children who prepared his new home ready for his arrival. 


We can't wait for more adventures with you- Mr Oreo!


Make sure you visit this page regularly for updates on his progress and how he is impacting positively on our children and their mental well being as well as making them great pet owners of the future. 

Exciting Times Ahead

New Tricks

Mr Oreo's Proud Moments

A Weekend at The Anderson's

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

My first walk on my lead with Kaiden and Mrs Beck!

Mr Oreo's Half Term Fun

Mr Oreo's Weekend Fun- June 17th 2023

Return Ticket to The Anderson's Household

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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