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Hello everyone! 

We all had a fantastic day at The Naze centre at Walton on Wednesday In the morning we went down the  steps to the beach to go rock pooling!  Our guide Kirsty showed us pictures of what we might find. We found lots of interesting things in our nets, including seaweed, crabs and shells.  After a picnic lunch back at the centre we went down to the sandy beach to go fossil hunting.  We found lots of fossilised wood but no shark teeth!  We also found clay rocks, granite and more shells. The children were really good and loved all the activities.  Here are some pictures from the day!

Summer Term update                                 Hello from everyone in Year 1!


I would like to say a big thank you to all the children and staff for making me feel very welcome as their new teacher for the Summer Term!

We have been getting on very well, keeping busy and working hard in all our different lessons.  The children have really been enjoying our topic on the Rainforest.  They have loved finding out about the plants, flowers, fruits and especially the animals that live there.  They have made super fact files to record what they have found out from our non-fiction books and the internet.

In our Art lessons we have made observational drawings, used chalk, pastels, printing and collage to create a fabulous big picture of the Rainforest for the corridor.

Before half term our science topic was all about growing.  We carried out an investigation into the conditions a plant needs to grow healthily.  We planted some runner bean seeds in pots, gave them some water and then placed some on the window sill and some in the cupboard.  The children predicted that the plants in the cupboard would not grow,  so we were very surprised when after one week the runner beans in the cupboard had grown!  However it was very pale and not very strong, just like us if we don't get out in the sunshine!  When the plants had grown a little bigger we planted them outside in our garden area.  The children really enjoyed doing some weeding and digging to get the soil ready for the plants.  They are currently making their way up the bamboo canes (the plants that is!) but are not quite as big as Jack's famous beanstalk......looks like our beans  weren't  the magic sort!!  We will wait and see if we will get some new runner beans growing on our plants.........


Welcome to Year 1!


What a big year it has been so far! We have settled into the main part of the school fantastically and we can find our way around the whole school with confidence. We now have lots of different lessons where we learn lots, it keeps us very busy, but we are learning oodles and have got used to the new structure of Key Stage 1 really well.


This term we have been having lots of fun learning all about our local area as part of our topic work. We have enjoyed many trips out to explore our local area and have been very lucky that the Harwich Historical Society have given us lots of tours of many of the great areas in our town, such as The Redoubt Fort and the High and Low Lighthouses.



This half term we have been very excited to learn our speaking parts and song words for our Christmas production of ‘It’s Chriiiiistmas!’ We cannot wait to put on a show stopper for you, so prepare for the glitz and glam that this will bring!


Don’t forget to keep in contact with us via our class 'Dojo' page too, where you can see how many points your child is collecting and receive any important messages from us too J

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KS1 Christmas Play Song Words

1. The One God's Chosen - with vocals.mp3

2. The Streets Of Bethlehem - with vocals.mp3

3. There Is A Stable - with vocals.mp3

4. Peace And Love To All Mankind - with vocals.mp3

5. The First Christmas - with vocals.mp3

6. Bad King Herod - with vocals.mp3

7. Everybody Sing Along - with vocals.mp3

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