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Other Tasks 30.03.20 - 03.04.20


This weeks art task. We have been learning about world war 2 in history so I have found a draw along for a spitfire plane Sketch the plane then colour or paint it if you are able. As an extension you could research some facts about the spitfire and add them around the outside of your drawing.


Continuing with online safety we will complete the next task from Think You Know when it is made available to teachers later in the week 

You can also watch film 2 at discuss some of the issues that come up during the film. Has your child had something mean / unkind written online about them. Has anyone used their password to access a website (children in class have logged onto others TTrockstars pages for instance). Discuss who Magnus might be (How do they know? How can they be sure?).


I know a lot of you have been joining in with Joe Wicks (both live and later in the day) on you tube . Your task is to create your own 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training workout like Joes I have explained what to do here and have uploaded a video of me doing my workout here .

27.03.2020 Main Task

As we are all spending a lot of time online at the moment this is an online safety task. Ideally watch the video with an adult then discuss the questions below. When you have finished make a poster to help others keep themselves safe online. If you can upload it onto student portfolios on class dojo.


Watch Play Like Share, Episode 1

 Find Play Like Share at

 Watch Episode 1: Block Him Right Good, Alfie with your child.

 Use the following questions to chat about the cartoon:

o What did you think? What did you like about Play Like Share?

o What different things do Sam, Ellie and Alfie do online? [E.g. make videos, talk to people, learn to sing, share their songs]

o What problem did Alfie face at the beginning of the cartoon? 

o How did the gamer make Alfie feel?

o What did Alfie do when he realised something wasn’t right? 

o What happened when Selfie’s video was made public? How did it make them feel? 

26/03/2020 Main Task

A maths task today follow the link to the White Rose Maths year 5 lessons.

Watch the video and have a go at the activity.

When you have finished check your work with the answers.

Upload a picture if you can onto your student dojo portfolio. 

25/03/2020 Main task

Log onto Myon search for the book 'The Legend of the Loch Ness Monster' then click through to take the Accelerated Reader quiz.

Tuesday 24/03/2020

Today's task is to write a diary entry. Below there is a PDF that will help with characteristics to include. Start by planning out what out what you are going to write about (just a few brief words about what each paragraph will be obout) then write it up. If you are able you can type it up in dojo student portfolios.

24/04/2020 Resources

Follow this link to see answers to the above maths problems

Monday 23rd March 2020

Over the last week we have been working hard at problem solving. Below are PDFs of problems. Choose the level of problem you want to have a go at 1 is the easiest through to 4 being the hardest. There is the option to choose questions with some of the bars done for you too. No need to print them out. Just do your workings on any old bits of paper. The task is on dojo portfolios if you want to send me a picture of your work.

Draw pictures and create bar models to help you work out the answer.

For help with strategies to work through word problems and making bar models follow the link to watch a video lesson 

Follow this link to see a video working through answers to Monday's maths problems.

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