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Welcome……….. خوش , chao, merhaba, Olá, ¡hola, Pozdravi , Hej, καλως ΗΡΘΑΤΕ, Bonjour, 􀋢ा गत हे, croeso, herzlich willkommen, i mirëpritur, Sveiki!

King Charles lll Portraits By Nursery Class 

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Summer Term 2023

Our topic for the start of the term is Fairy Tales 

Fairy tales  spark imagination and allow children to confront real-life anxieties in fantastical settings. Fairy tales can also help your children deal with difficult emotions and find a hero or heroine they can relate to as well as providing an important role in their early literacy skills and helping to develop a love of reading. 


We can't wait to climb the stalk and stretch our imaginations above the clouds. 

Family Challenge 

Can you design a raft for the Billy Goat Gruff to cross the river?

Scan the Codes to Listen to the Stories

This Week we have been sharing non fiction books and Story books to find out more about frogs after reading the story of The Frog Prince.

We are lucky enough to be able to learn about the lifecycle of the frog with frogspawn collected from our own school pond.

Here are some of the new words you may hear us using.

Summer Term 2 2023

We can’t wait to explore the ocean as we dive into the second half of the summer term with a splash in our topic

   Fun At The Seaside 🧜‍♀️🐋


We have some wonderful stories, poems and non fiction books to excite and inspire curiosity and a love of reading.

Our chosen author this second half of the term is Julia Donaldson and we will be exploring different parts of our amazing world as we begin our travels with the wonderful story of the snail and the whale. 

Spring Term 2023

Spring Term 2

We have been to space and now this second half of the term we are running up a clock and jumping over the moon with a mini topic of nursery rhymes. 

Please Scroll To The Bottom of the Page for More Codes to Rhymes & Other Links 


Communication and Language Development

Rhymes are fantastic vocabulary boosters. They often feature a pleasing rhythmic pattern and simple repetitive phrases that babies and young children find easy to remember and repeat. In order to develop their phonological awareness, children need to be repeatedly exposed to spoken language and nursery rhymes provide the perfect way to do this.

Physical Development

The opportunity to ‘act out’ a favourite rhyme will be a welcome activity for active minds and fidgety bodies. Physical participation in action songs encourage children to develop their fine and gross motor control skills as well as balance, coordination and the skills needed to follow simple instructions.


Counting songs (e.g “Five Currant Buns”) help to develop a familiarity with number sounds and words in a way that is fun and interesting to a young child. Songs such as ‘When Goldilocks Went To The House Of The Bears’ also introduce the concept of scale, size and order. Familiarity with counting songs provides the foundation for crucial numeracy skills and awareness.

Understanding the World

Children find many nursery rhymes very relatable to their own everyday experiences and will enjoy sharing these moments with us and their friends such as a trip to the park with Daddy to feed the ducks (Five Little Ducks), or sharing a picture book with a Grandparent about boats (Row Row Row Your Boat). 


The act of singing a rhyme or engaging with it physically, encourages children to express themselves in a creative way and to find their own personal ‘voice'. Role play opportunities present themselves with different characters and events within the rhyme that the children can respond to either individually or as a group. Open-ended play opportunities are also possible. 


Zoom Zoom Zoom, Spring Term 1 2023

We Are Going to the moon!

We Will Be Having Lots Of Fun Exploring Space Through Stories, Songs, Rhymes & The Wonderful World Of Non-Fiction.  

You Have A Family Challenge To Use Your Creative Skills Together To Create A 3D Rocket. 




Welcome to the start of a new term in Butterfly Nursery Class. 

One of our themes this term is Our Friends and Other Animals.

we look forward to having lots of fun exploring our world together, as we find out about ourselves and some of the different creatures on our planet.




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