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Congratulations to our Prefect Management Team 2023- 2024

Sophia, Sienna, Matthew, Emilia, Jude, Jacob, Roxanne, Wiktoria, Ruah, Avril, Fay and Sean. 



Matilda and Jack - Our Head Boy and Head Girl 2022

Meet our Prefect Management Team 2022




Welcome to the Prefect Management Team section of our website.  We have now all been selected to become this year's Prefect Management Team. We all have an exciting new set of roles and responsibilities.  We will soon be led by our new Head Boy and Head Girl - once campaigning has begun and we have already met up with Mrs Anderson our Headteacher to negotiate roles and partners.  


We have special jobs to do within our school and one of the most important ones is to be an excellent role model to all the other children within our school. We each have a job to do on a weekly rota and this is shared out amongst the whole team, We meet monthly and discuss what is working well and the areas we need to develop. We are responsible for ensuring that the children are playing well on the playground during lunch times and we are on regular duty in the corridors at break time and in the dinner hall at lunch time. 


We look forward to seeing you at our school.


Harwich Community Primary School and Nursery Prefect Management Team

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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