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Mrs Anderson's Proud Moments

Each week I will post up someone who has really impressed me in school. 

Bobby and Attendance Ted

Bobby and Attendance Ted

Our very helpful 'Nursery Helper of the Day'

Great work today, Charlotte. What a fab helper!

Amazing Writing, Archie

Brilliant facts about Penguins and amazing writing

Harry is the Dividing King

Harry did this independently. Well done, Harry.

What a Whizzy Writer

Amazing independent writing, Beau! So proud!

The Three Amigos

What wonderful kind friends you 3 are, boys!

Fabulous Handwriter

Wowee Wiktoria! So proud of this !

Master of Multiplying

Well done, Ruben. You have been super clever!

Mrs Anderson's Fire Marshall Today

Emilia has been brave as my very own fire marshall

Number Magic

Bobby has been a star recognising his numbers!

Extra Proud Moment; Well done, Finley!

Finley  acheived this  medal for 3K Dedham run!!

Harley's Clever Maths Brain

Harley worked hard with  base 10 today in Maths!

Oskar’s Amazing Homework

Fantastic homework, Oskar! I’m super proud!

Max - our first of 2019! Great vocabulary used in his Literacy work today!

Welcome to the page of pride where each week I will be adding someone who we are very proud of here at school. It could be a huge success or small steps to success.  

Super Reception Story Tellers

My Busy Bees who wrote their very own story!!

Clever Shape Detective

Matthew created all these shapes independently!

Life Saver Moment

Adrian saved Louis from going under at swimming!

Fabulous Footballers

So proud of these boys! What a win!!

Double Proud Moments

Year 3 made these fabulous loaves of bread!
Matthew wrote a set of instructions independently!

My first proud moment of 2019

What whizzy sentences you created today !

Phonic Superstars

Well done Axel and Ava; so proud of you!

Maths Wizard

Cody knew the name of a triangular prism!! Wowee!

Football Team - Wednesday 17th January


I am so proud of the team we took to Chase Lane this week. Despite the fact that we did not win the match we played a good game. They showed great promise and played really well as a team. They represented themselves and our school very well. Thanks to all the parents who supported us at this event and a huge thank you to Mr Lammas and Miss Tye for organising this. Pictures of our team will be uploaded next week.

Super Fractions Whizz!

Kasey was so confident with her fractions work!

A New Year's Resolution

Hana was on time to learn this week! Great!

A Kind Friend in our Nursery

Kaylen was a lovely confident friend! Well done!

Ship Ahoy Vikings

Well done, Kayleigh, Cara Leigh and Fin !

Kindest gentleman - Noah Darling

Super Swimming Star - Wednesday 29th November 2017

Look at how well Jonathan has done at swimming!!!

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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