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Primary School and Nursery

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

The Harwich Community Primary School Team

Mrs Anderson- Headteacher
Mrs Byles- Deputy Headteacher

Our Teachers

Mrs Boley- SENCO
Miss Lindsay- Nursery Teacher
Mrs Mann- Reception Teacher
Mrs Goff- Year 1 teacher
Miss Pells- Year 2 teacher
Miss Cortes- Year 3 teacher
Miss Curle- Year 4 teacher
Mr Boulton- Year 5  teacher
Mrs Byles - Year 6 teacher
Mrs Cutts- Class teacher maternity leave
Miss Abulkhairi- RE Teacher

Our Support Staff

Mrs Hewitt
Miss Puttick
Mrs Britton
Mrs Belsham
Mrs Ellmer
Mrs Edwards
Mrs Marsh
Miss Cooper
Mrs Flatt
Miss Cook
Mrs Ranson
Mrs Fletcher
Miss Baker
Mrs Shaw
Mrs Graves
Mrs Rout
Mrs Arnold
Mrs Docherty
Mrs Williams
Mrs Moll
Mrs Sitton
Miss Pharoah
Mrs Ratcliffe

Our Office Ladies

Mrs Day - Office Manager & Education Welfare
Miss Ward- Finance  and Personnel Officer
Mrs Davis - Administrative Assistant

Our Family Liason Officer

Mrs Watts

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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