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This Summer term in Year 4 we will been looking at the movie How To Train Your Dragon.


A hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed.


We are going to write our own stories set in imaginary worlds. 


After this we will be looking at explanation texts, fables, non-chronological reports and classic poetry. 


This Spring term in Year 4 we will been looking at the book Romans on the Rampage by Jeremy Strong.


Perilus is a Roman boy who is crazy about chariot racing. He loves to practise in his own homemade chariot (pulled by the family goat) and dreams of riding in the Circus Maximus himself one day. But when Perilus's hero, the brilliant charioteer Scorcha , goes missing on the day of the big race, Perilus finds his wish coming true sooner than he'd imagined!

A laugh-out-loud story from King of Comedy Jeremy Strong.


We are going to write our own version of the stories by making a play script. 


After this we will be looking at newspaper recounts based on the Romans. We will then perform these to the class as if we are news reporters. 


This Autumn term in Year 4 we have been looking at the book The Wreck of the Zanzibar by Michael Morpurgo.


A gripping children’s story from War Horse author and former Children's Laureate Michael Morpurgo.

“We all knew what was going to happen. We’d seen it before. A ship about to founder staggers before she falls. A huge wave broke over her stern and she did not come upright again.… Life on the Scilly Isles in 1907 is bleak and full of hardship. Laura’s twin brother, Billy, disappears, and then a storm devastates everything. It seems there’s little hope. But then the Zanzibar is wrecked on the island’s rocks, and everything changes …


We are going to write our own version of the stories. 


After this we will be looking at non-chronological reports. Specifically on sharks and greek gods/goddesses. 

In literacy this term we will be looking Greek Myths. 



The first myth we looked at was Arachne the Spinner. 










We have also looked at King Midas and the golden touch. 









Our next myth we will look at is Hercules. 








The myth of Arachne

The myth of King Midas and his golden touch

1997 Hercules Official Trailer 1 Walt Disney Pictures

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