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Reception Class - Prospectus and All About Us

Welcome to our school and the Proud Peacocks Class. 

Choosing a school for your children is a really tricky decision. It is filled with the emotions of our little one growing up and making sure you choose the right school. Well, here we are. 


We offer our children the most wonderful start to primary school. Our school is a happy and friendly  place where every child and family are welcomed. We are determined to encourage an inclusive culture of learning where all children are challenged with their thinking and achieve and strive to be life long learners. 


We have a wonderful forest area of our own that we can explore all year round. We go on bear hunts in there and even find animal habitats too. Our reading den can transform and link to any topic we are finding out about too.  We have fun wiggling and squiggling which helps us learn the skills to write. 


Come on in and take a look around.

Our School Prospectus



Have you signed up to our school lottery yet? If not here is the link:

Support Harwich Community Primary School and Nursery when you play Your School Lottery - Your School Lottery


The prizes are good and we get money back off this to go directly into our PTA account so we can purchase fabulous reousrces for our children. 


Go on sign up now. ..

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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