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Year 6-Mrs Byles

Welcome to our class page.  I hope you all had a lovely restful summer holiday and you enjoyed the beautiful weather we had.  


Firstly some information about our weekly timetable:-




Monday - PE with Colchester United.

Wednesday - Normal PE


Please ensure that your child has their PE kit for both days and that they have an outdoor kit as well as we approach the colder weather.




The children have homework booklets this year - one for Maths and one for English.  I will alternate the homework between these books and the children can write in them.  This should keep the homework focussed on the key areas we need for SATS and also keep the books nice and tidy with no sheets to glue in!  Homework will be set on a Monday and taken in on a Friday.


Class Dojo


Please sign up for the class Dojos so that you can see your child earning their rewards.  I will also post any messages on the Dojo app as well.  I have sent home the class code but if you have any problems with this please let me know.  Below I have posted a video on how to sign up as well as an information sheet for parents.




This is a program that the children can use at home as well as school and I will set homework on this occasionally.  This website offers everything the children need for Maths and English from Reception to Year 13.  It contains interactive quizzes and the children last year really enjoyed using it.  They get to collect rewards along the way and can really see their progress through the year.  The children will have usernames and log in passwords which we will put in the back of their reading record for use at home.  There is a link below for you to have a look at this great resource.  




I cannot stress enough how important it is for your child to read to you every night.  If not to you, then another adult maybe.  There are three SATS papers in May and one of them is based on reading and understanding of what is being read.  As a school we have managed to secure some funding to purchase a reading scheme called Accelerated Reader.  This enables the children to read a book, then take a quiz on the book to see how much they understood it and enjoyed it.  You will be able to get a text when they take a quiz so you can talk to your child about their book and what they are reading as well.  We hope that this will prove successful, so please watch this space!


Year 6 Jobs


Many hands make light work and with this in mind the children all have jobs to do in class.  Why don't you ask your child what their job is?!


Contact Details


Could I ask that you do ensure that the school has the most up to date contact details for yourself and your second contact as this way it will be easier for us to stay in touch with you.  

Please Sign up to our Class Dojo page

Class Dojo Parent Account

Here is a short video on how to sign up to Class Dojo.


The whole of Key Stage Two enjoyed this workout today. This is a great way to encourage the children to keep fit and we will be completing the Tuesday and Wednesday workout this week too.

Year 5 and 6 Trip to Layer Marney Towers


Our Topic this term is the Tudors.  As part of this study we are going on a trip to Layer Marney Towers with year 5 on 16th October.  We will learn what is was like to be a Tudor child in school, what food they ate, what medicines they used.  It promises to be a great day.  Please return your reply slip to us as soon as possible along with your payment.  Children will need to wear their uniform but will be sporting their hand made tudor style hats on the day.  They will also need a packed lunch.  We are very grateful to the Friends of Harwich Community Primary School (PTA) for helping us fund this day and keeping the price to parents low at £8 per pupil.   

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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