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Mrs Anderson's Proud Moments

Welcome to the page of pride where each week I will be adding someone who we are very proud of here at school. It could be a huge success or small steps to success.  

Maths Wizard

Maths Wizard 1 Cody knew the anme of a triangular prism!! Wowee!

Football Team - Wednesday 17th January


I am so proud of the team we took to Chase Lane this week. Despite the fact that we did not win the match we played a good game. They showed great promise and played really well as a team. They represented themselves and our school very well. Thanks to all the parents who supported us at this event and a huge thank you to Mr Lammas and Miss Tye for organising this. Pictures of our team will be uploaded next week.

Super Fractions Whizz!

Super Fractions Whizz! 1 Kasey was so confident with her fractions work!

A New Year's Resolution

A New Year's Resolution 1 Hana was on time to learn this week! Great!

A Kind Friend in our Nursery

A Kind Friend in our Nursery 1 Kaylen was a lovely confident friend! Well done!

Ship Ahoy Vikings

Ship Ahoy Vikings 1 Well done, Kayleigh, Cara Leigh and Fin !

Kindest gentleman - Noah Darling

Kindest gentleman - Noah Darling 1
Kindest gentleman - Noah Darling 2

Super Swimming Star - Wednesday 29th November 2017

Super Swimming Star -  Wednesday 29th November 2017 1 Look at how well Jonathan has done at swimming!!!

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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