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Hi I will be filling this page with class information, news and pictures of things we've done and more over the next few weeks.
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What a fabulous week.

A great performance of the Grinch

Amazing visit to the Panto

And we won Attendance Ted

Picture 1 Class 4 IB with Attendance Ted


This term we have introduced a slightly different approach to learning our spellings. 

Our intention is for everyone in the class to be able to spell all of the year 3/4 statutory words by the end of the school year. To this end we are introducing a new word to learn every day within class, these words are reflected in the weekly spellings your child receives each week. Your child's spelling test each Friday will consist of the 5 words we have introduced that week plus the 10 words covered over the previous 2 weeks. 


Homework is set on Fridays for return the following Thursday. Sometimes the homework can be challenging, if parents are able help and guide their child that is amazing. Sometimes even super genius parents can't work out the answers. I am always happy to help any children with their homework if they bring it in any morning I will find time to help them with it. 

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