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Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome to our class page. We have had a great first term. It's been a busy one too! We have given Miss Curle a good send off to have her baby. We have welcomed our new teacher Miss Goddard who has settled well and with the help and support of Mrs Williams and Miss Baker; we have been off to a good start. We have enjoyed learning lots about World War one and we have all had a good try at producing some poems based on WW1 too. In Literacy we have been learning about how to construct and create explanation texts. We have learned all about the features and even worked on how to improve other people's explanation texts.  We have managed to do a bit of research using a variety of sources, including the world wide web and then had to learn how to organise this into a super piece of writing. Our guided reading lessons have taken an interesting turn and we have been using some video clips from the Literacy Shed to work on developing our inference and deduction skills. This means describing how characters may be feeling when it is not always too obvious to the reader / watcher. Here is a link to the Literacy Shed for you to have a browse. In Science we have been looking at Evolution and how we have moved from Dinosaurs to Humans and how we have so many species on the planet today.  In DT we have linked this to our History topic of WW1 and we have made poppies, tanks and trenches using a range of different materials. What do you think?


What we have been up to

What we have been up to 1 Our WWI display with some of the poppies we made
What we have been up to 2 We have been doing Ninja maths to give us a boost
What we have been up to 3 Our cliffhanger stories that we posted home.
What we have been up to 4 DT work - clay trenches.

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