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Update : January-February 2021


You will find all work for the children on our Classdojo page each day.


Please submit work completed using portfolios and I will give some feedback during the course of the week.


Take care and stay safe, 


from Mrs Byles








January-February 2021


Well done to you all for being so sensible in what has, and continues to be quite a tricky time. 


Here is a summary of what we learnt in the Autumn Term:-


We really enjoyed learning about WWI as our topic.  The book War Horse was fantastic and we completed some great writing around this.



Dangerous Reality by Malorie Blackman was such a great book for us to read as a class and left us all on the edge of our seats as to what would happen in the end.                




For maths we have learnt a lot about the four operations - addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.  We have also learnt how to solve fraction problems with all four operations. 


Science was very interesting and we have learnt about how light travels and electricity.  The children conducted an experiment on this subject. 



What we are doing this Spring Term?


Obviously, we are now on lockdown and have lots of you learning at home.  Although it is difficult for all of us, we can do it!  I actually really liked learning about each of my pupils last lockdown and felt I got to know them a lot better.  It is a tough journey, but one we can make together.



We will be looking at decimals and percentages and their relationship to fractions.



We are looking at Animals and their habitats, a focus will be on microorganisms too which is very current at the moment!



Our topic will be WWII and I am looking forward to reading Carrie's War with the children, as well as our second Malorie Blackman book too.  





Please always contact me through class dojo if you need to during the hours of 8.30-5pm Monday to Friday.


Here is the link :



Many thanks,


Mrs Byles

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