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Year 1 - Mrs Goff

Congratulations to Mila and Travis for being my Key Stage 1 'Stars Of The Week'! Mila smiley - for her beautiful drawing and description of Ariel, 'The Little Mermaid' and Travis smiley - for his fab reading of his favourite book, including great expression! 




Hello everyone and welcome to Year 1! 

Let's start by introducing all the wonderful ladies that will be working in our classroom this year. 

Our fabulous Mrs Marsh is our main classroom LSA and my right hand woman. Also helping us every day are Mrs Moll and Miss Pharaoh, who will be working with certain children in our class. We are also lucky to have Miss Cooper helping on some days when I am not in class. Finally I am the class teacher, Mrs Goff :).


Our Topic in Autumn 2020 

This term our Topic is 'Let's Play' where we will be learning all about old and new toys! This has already given me a reason to get my old Polly Pocket toys out the loft :)! The children are already enjoying looking at toys from different eras and comparing them to toys they play with now. Please feel free to share the toys you used to play with and send pictures via Class Dojo :). The children will produce History work, Art work and Literacy work from our exciting topic too. 



Lost in the Toy Museum


Within our Literacy work we will be creating some wonderful work based on the story 'Lost in the Toy Museum'. The story is about a group of toys living in a museum who came to life at night. However one night is slightly different and the character Bunting goes on a big adventure :). 


We really want to encourage the children to love reading as much as we do this year. Therefore everyday the children get to choose between two stories which we then share as a class. 

I really would like to encourage the children to read as much as possible at home too. Therefore, every time they read at home they receive 5 dojos and if they read 3 times a week then they win a prize from the prize box :). 



The children will be focusing on the numbers this half term. Being able to recognise them, order them, count them and much more to make sure that they have a strong foundation as they missed so much of their reception year. 


Thank you so much for checking out our Class Page!

Keep your eyes out for more uploads :). 



Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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