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Weds 3rd March

Spellings Wednesday 3rd March 2021

English - I Was A Rat

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

I can argue a point of view..

  • Task 1 - Continue reading the book up until The boy says "Wriggle through I bet you can." Pause reading there (Top of Page 201).
  • Task 2 - Make a list of arguments for and against going with the boy.
  • Task 3 - Decide whether you think Roger should go with the boy or not then write a paragraph that persuades me of your decision.

You could start your writing with.

I think Roger should ____________ because __________. 

You can also use words like additionally and furthermore to add additional reasons.

  • Task 4 finish reading the chapter.

I Was A Rat - Goose Weather - Pg 197

Spr5.6.3 - Add fractions within 1 activity

There is no worksheet today. Please draw along with the video to help improve your understanding of adding fractions with different denominators.

R.E. Pick your task from the lesson overview and Have a go at the tasks

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