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Thursday 7th Jan

Literacy Thursday 7th January 2021

Listen and read the poem from our class poet Joseph Coelho. Then create your own 'I am a _______' poem. It could be called 'I am a child' or 'I am a footballer' or 'I am a dancer' or 'I am a gamer' or 'I am an artist' or 'I am the pain in mums neck' or anything else that you want or that you think defines you.

Use the same format as Joseph does begin each 2 line verse with 'I am the' and the second lines mainly with 'because I'


I am a writer

Poem from Werewolf Club Rules by Joseph Coelho


I am the clash and collide of the stars
because I create worlds.


I am the awareness of the trees
because I hear the wind.


I am the sweat of a rainbow
because I refract all the colours.


I am the blood in a pen
because I ink arteries.


I am the blade in a sharpener
because I make nibs vanish.


I am the edge of a rubber,
rounded, worn and softened by mistakes.


I am the conversation of notes,
discussing melodies.


I am the holes in a flute,
knower of unknown tunes.


I am the skin of a drum.
Every hit, beat and bang
bouncing off me,
forming music from nothing

Joseph Coelho - I am a writer

Joseph Coelho reading his poem 'I am a writer' from his CLiPPA 2015 shortlisted book Werewolf Club Rules.

Maths Thursday 7th January 2021

More bar model problems for you to practice this week.

The first two problems are fairly easy and most children in our class should be able to answer them the 3rd and fourth questions get trickier and require more effort. The video below shows another example of working out a problem with a model.

KS2 Maths Problem |

The Bar Model Company brings to you an animated solution to a KS2 word problem

Bar Model Answers 7th Jan

Another Subject - Music

Make You Feel My Love - A pop ballad written by Bob Dylan and more recently performed by Adele.

Listen to the song and think about:

Do you like the song? Why?

What instruments can you hear?

What is the style of music? 

How is the song put together? Chorus - Verses - Instrumentals Etc..

When you have listened to the song a few times have a go at answering the questions. If you are unsure you can always do a bit of your own research.


The song is put together in the following sections unfortunately for you I have mixed them up. Put them together in the right order to answer the last question.


Verse 2


Piano introduction

Verse 4 with tag ending


Verse 1

Instrumental interlude

Verse 3

Adele - Make You Feel My Love (w/ lyrics)

Make You Feel My Love - Live at The Royal Albert Hall

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