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Thursday 28th Jan

Spellings 28th Jan 2021

Street Child Chapter 13 The Lily

Thursday 28th January 2021

I can answer questions about a text.


1) What is the Lily?


2) After his first day with Grimy Nick, what did Jim dream of?


Thursday 28th January 2021

I can use brackets, commas and dashes to indicate parenthesis - extra information added to a sentence.


Watch the presentation below about parenthesis. Then re-write the passage below using parenthesis to add extra information. Don't try to add some to every sentence (that would be mad). Try to use a variety of punctuation marks - commas, brackets and dashes.


Jim didn't dare ask if he could say goodbye to Rosie. He imagined Shrimps swinging his bootlaces over his head. Dancing in the street without him. Grimy Nick grabbed him roughly by the collar. 


After a long walk, they jumped down onto a lighter. It had the name Lily painted on its side. It lay deep in the mud. Jim jumped onto the combing boards and looked down into the hold.

Punctuation: Using brackets, dashes & commas to indicate parenthesis (KS2)

Spr5.3.4 - Divide with remainders

For maths please watch the video. Pause the video when it asks you to have a think and also to answer any questions. When the video asks please have a go at the relevant questions on your maths worksheet. Use your maths book for any notes and stick your worksheet in your book when you have had a go. Check your work with the answer sheet below when you have done

History - Victorian Leisure Time

I can research local Victorian leisure activities.

Read through the PDF below about Victorian Leisure time. Then visit the website at the bottom of the page and view all the postcards and pictures of Victorian Harwich and Dovercourt. Make a list of all the Victorian Leisure activities you can see evidence of in the photos and postcards.

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