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Thurs 4th March

It's World Book Day


Eye of The Wolf

This is one of my favourite books. It is world book day' a day to enjoy a whole story. Enjoy this story. You don.t need to do anything else other than listen read along and enjoy the book.

Spellings Thursday 4th March 2021

Spr5.6.4 - Add fractions within 1

TODAY'S WORKSHEET IS MARKED - WO8 - in your pack. For maths please watch the video. Pause the video when it asks you to have a think and also to answer any questions. When the video asks please have a go at the relevant questions on your maths worksheet. Use your maths book for any notes and stick your worksheet in your book when you have had a go. Check your work with the answer sheet below when you have done.


When we return to school we will be spending a significant amount of time working on a new class project. We are going to develop the raised beds in the 'wildlife area'. Your task for today is to have a think about what things you would like to grow. Then you are to come up with a design for what you would like it to look like. 

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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