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Welcome to the Peer Mentor page. We are a strong team of 7 children, from Year 6 and our main job is to ensure that lunch times are running smoothly.  We have intensive training with our Family Liaison Officer - Mrs Watts and this takes over the whole of September. Once we have passed the training we are then fully fledged Peer Mentors. We are easily identified as we wear a Peer Mentor badge and we have been introduced to the whole school so everyone knows who to come to.


Note from Mrs Watts:-


All the children do a fantastic job in helping the lunchtimes to run smoothly and they have helped lots of children in the process.


Some of the issues they take on are ;


  1. Friendship problems
  2. Issues in class or the playground
  3. Need someone to listen to them
  4. A bereavement, be it a family member, friend or even a pet
  5. Class work/homework
  6. The list is quite endless


At the end of each year they choose children from Year 5, who they believe will take on this responsible role. They then interview each child, with their own set of questions, which they fully enjoy doing. Being able to give those Peer Mentors the responsibility of choosing the new Peers Mentors shows their maturity and helps them get on in the future. I am a very proud trainer of these special children who take on this role.


Quotes from our peer mentor team:-


  • "I love this role and helping out other children".
  • "I don't mind giving up my time at lunch because some people really need to see us and I love this job".
  • "I love this special role in the school and I don't mind giving up my lunch".
  • "I love having this role".
  • "I love being a peer mentor - just knowing that I am helping just a little bit means a lot".
  • "I am happy to give up my break so that I can do this role".






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