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Monday 25th Jan

Spellings 25th Jan 2021

Spelling List 28: Suffix -able

Street Child Ch 10 Lame Betsy

Monday 25th January 2021

I can answer questions about a text.


1) Why did Judd and Rosie Lose their jobs? Find and copy evidence from the text to support your answer.


2) Why do you think the cook decided to let Jim into the house for the night?


3) What does a Knocker-Upper do?


Monday 25th January 2021

I can write a list poem.


We are going to revisit the last paragraph of Chapter 8 the carpet beaters and write a list poem based upon it. Watch the video below before you start yours.

Writing a List Poem Based on the finale to Ch 8 The Carpet Beaters

Spr5.3.1 - Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (2)

For maths please watch the video. Pause the video when it asks you to have a think and also to answer any questions. When the video asks please have a go at the relevant questions on your maths worksheet. Use your maths book for any notes and stick your worksheet in your book when you have had a go. Check your work with the answer sheet below when you have done

Monday 25th Jan 2021

Science - I can recognise characteristics of planets in our solar system.


Visit the Developing Experts website and watch all the parts of the presentation (Your login details are in your pack). When you come to completing the mission assignment you can either have a go at making up the top trumps cards print them if you can or copy them out. Alternatively you can pick a planet draw it and label it with its key characteristics,

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