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Monday 18th Jan

Spellings Monday 18th Jan 2021

Street Child Chapter 5 Behind Bars

Monday 18th January 2021

I can answer questions about a text.


1) Why didn't Jim cry at the start of chapter 5?


2) What did the children at the workhouse eat?


3) Is Mr Sissons a nice character? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.


4) Why does Joseph NOT describe the people in the Asylum as ‘animals’?


5) Do you think Jim is wise to think about escaping?


Monday 18th January 2021.

I can study a character from a text.


Over the next three days I want you to look at how Jim the main character from our book develops. Today you are going to create an annotated drawing of Jim that tells us what we know about him so far. Then you can add to that drawing over the next few days.

Below is a video of my version that you can use as a start. I will add any of your ideas to that as we go.

Jim Jarvis Character Study

Spr5.2.1 - Multiply 2-digits by 2-digits

For maths please watch the video. Pause the video when it asks you to have a think and also to answer any questions. When the video asks please have a go at the relevant questions on your maths worksheet. Use your maths book for any notes and stick your worksheet in your book when you have had a go. Check your work with the answer sheet below when you have done.

Monday 18th Jan 2021

Science - I can describe how the earth orbits the sun and the effect this has on day night and seasons.


Visit the Developing Experts website and watch all the parts of the presentation (Your login details are in your pack). When you come to completing the mission assignment you can either draw your own pictures of the earth and sun or you can label the images that I have attached below. They are also on Dojo Portfolios where you can annotate them directly.


If when you have completed the activity you also want to do the online quiz and word searche with the lesson at developing experts then please do.

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