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Mon 1st March

Spellings Monday 1st March 2021

English - I Was A Rat

Monday 1st March 2021

I can write in role.


  • Task 1 - Read the next two chapters in the book  (You can read independently or read along with the MP3s below).
  • Task 2 - Write in role as a character from the book. Re-read the chapter school (You can read independently or read along with the MP3 below).  Then imagine you are a child at the school and write a diary entry about the day when a strange new child came to the class and how they bit the teacher then ran away from school after getting the cane. 

I was a Rat - The Daily Scourge - Six Of The Best - pg 154

I Was A Rat - A Curious And Interesting Case - Pg 155

I Was A Rat - A Philosophical Investigation - Pg 162

I Was A Rat - School - Pg 140

Spr5.6.1 - Compare and order fractions more than 1 (second part of worksheet)

TODAY'S WORKSHEET IS MARKED - WO6 - in your pack. TODAY WE ARE COMPLETING THE SECOND PART OF THE WORKSHEET. For maths please watch the video. Pause the video when it asks you to have a think and also to answer any questions. When the video asks please have a go at the relevant questions on your maths worksheet. Use your maths book for any notes and stick your worksheet in your book when you have had a go. Check your work with the answer sheet below when you have done.

Monday 1st March 2021

Science - I can learn about meteors comets and asteroids.


Visit the Developing Experts website and watch all the parts of the presentation (Your login details are in your pack). When you come to completing the mission assignment you are to plot on a graph the position of the Sun, Moon, Pluto and the orbit of Haley's Comet. All the coordinates for the objects are below. Do this task on the squared paper in your maths book. Be sure to Label the Sun Earth and Pluto first so you don't confuse them with the orbit of the comet.


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