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Friday 8th Jan

Literacy Friday 8th Jan 2021

Have a go at performing 'A little bit of food' by our class poet Joseph Coelho. You could perform either the written version from the book or the version he performs in the video. Listen out for the differences.

If you can upload a video of your performance onto dojo portfolios that would be amazing. 


Little bit of food

Poem from Werewolf Club Rules by Joseph Coelho

A little bit of rice,
a little bit of pea,
on my plate
for my tea.


A little bit of jam,
a little bit of toast,
in the mornings
when I love it most.


A little bit of banger,
a little bit of mash,
in my belly
for a tasty bash.


A little bit of curry,
with a poppadum,
tastes great
but it burns my bum!


A little bit of fufu,
a little bit of stew,
eat with your fingers,
that's what we do.


A little bit of food,
on my plate,
eat it all up,
feeling great.

Joseph Coelho - Little bit of food

Joseph Coelho reading his poem 'Little bit of food' from his CLiPPA 2015 shortlisted book Werewolf Club Rules.

Maths - Friday 8th Jan 2021

Final day of Bar Model problems for this week. Before you start todays problems please go through the answer videos from earlier in the week. Then have a go at todays problems. If you think you are getting stuck then play today's answer video but pause it as soon as you think you have enough clues to finish the answer yourself.

Bar problem answers 5th Jan

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Bar Model Answers 8th Jan

Another Subject R.E

Look through the PDF attached to revise the information we learnt about the five pillars of Islam last term! Can you make up a quiz (of 5-7 questions) for a family member to answer - but I look forward to answering these too! (You could write your own true or false answers or multiple choice). Take a photo and upload them onto class dojo for Miss A to see if you want.

Wishing you a good rest of week! From Miss A :-)

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