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Fri 5th Feb

Spellings Friday 5th February

Street Child Ch 19 20 Away and The Green Caravan

Friday 5th February 2021

I can retrieve information from a text


1) At the end of Chapter 19 do you think Jim feels guilty? Why?


2) Why doesn't Jim tell Madam Juglini that he knows how to sew? Explain your answer.


Friday 5th February 2021

I can use concise noun phrases in a piece of descriptive writing.

Write a diary entry as if you are Jim describing your day working at the circus. Try to use plenty of concise noun phrases to create a clear picture of both the scene and the characters within it. When you have finished take a picture on class dojo and send it to me.


Friday 5th February 2021 - Bar Problems (I warned you they might come back)

Write up the solutions in your maths book. Have a look at the problems without bars first then with them, when / if you get stuck. Check your answers on the video below.

Barvember 2020 - Day 5 - Video solutions

Barvember 2020 from whiterosemaths. 0:00 Question 1 / 1:45 Question 2 / 4:04 Question 3 (1 bar version) 6:17 Question 3 (2 bar version) / 7:15 Question 4

Friday Art: Let's Draw Queen Victoria!

Send me a picture of your Queen Victoria when you have done.

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