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Spring Term 2018


I am very pleased to say that all my Literacy and Numeracy groups have worked very hard this Spring Term, so congratulations to everyone - keep up the good work next term! indecisionno


Special mentions for impressive achievements go to...


Year Two


*Riley Mc, *Erin, *Morgana, *Skye, *Myles and Riley Mu - for their ever growing list of recognised phonemes!


*Lilley-Marie, *Charlie, *Keira-Lesley and *Serena

- for the number of addition bonds that they can recall now - without needing to use their fingers to help them!


Year Three


Daniel and Kellan - for their unusual examples of words using our target prefixes!


Daniel and Lily - for adding one hundred to four digit numbers so quickly!


Thank you!


Mrs Dace

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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