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Summer Term 2018


Just wanted to share some fantastic Maths achievements earlier this term from my Precision Teaching group of Year 2 children!


Firstly, Charlie and Lilley-Marie have not only mastered their number bonds to 10, but have also become experts at adding to 20 and 100 too – a massive well done for all your hard work!


Layla and Serena can now recite their number bonds to 10 and 20, so congratulations girls!


Keira–Lesley is able to say all her number bonds to 10…and is almost there with her number bonds to 20 – keep up the good work Keira, and I’m sure you will there in no time!


Spring Term 2018


I am very pleased to say that all my Literacy and Numeracy groups have worked very hard this Spring Term, so congratulations to everyone - keep up the good work next term! indecisionno


Special mentions for impressive achievements go to...


Year Two


*Riley Mc, *Erin, *Morgana, *Skye, *Myles and Riley Mu - for their ever growing list of recognised phonemes!


*Lilley-Marie, *Charlie, *Keira-Lesley and *Serena

- for the number of addition bonds that they can recall now - without needing to use their fingers to help them!


Year Three


Daniel and Kellan - for their unusual examples of words using our target prefixes!


Daniel and Lily - for adding one hundred to four digit numbers so quickly!


Thank you!


Mrs Dace

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

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