The History of our School.

The school was originally sited on Main Road and opened on 9 September 1896.  It was for girls and infants only, boys were admitted in 1950.  The fabric of the building was local red brick with bath stone dressings.  On 1 June 1940 pupils were evacuated and the building was used for military purposes.  In 1953 the basement was damaged during the floods.  At one stage the school could accommodate 458 children.

The school celebrated its centenary in 1996 with a Victorian Fair and Pageant.  The children all received a centenary mug.  In 2003 the school moved into a new building located in Barrack Lane.


history_fireSadly in May 2008 fire tore through the building leaving a burnt out wreck.  Flats have now been built on the original site.